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Unified messaging (mobile app coming soon)
JavaScript 3D engine
Audio search engine †
Dark Gloriole
Video game for mac and pc


A Web Beyond Touch

The advent of the World Wide Web brought far reaching changes in human computer interaction, and mobility is doing the same. Turning knobs and flicking switches became pressing keys and moving a mouse. This in turn has become touching screens and swiping. And this is only the beginning.

JavaScript development is acclimatizing itself to a new keyboard- and mouse-free, screen-orientated mainstream. But what happens to web development when new categories of devices mean that even the touch-screen cannot be assumed?

Computer user interfaces change. What remains the same, however, is the human body that drives interaction. So this talk will discuss an experiment that explores developing touch-less human computer interaction with JavaScript for content creation on a mobile World Wide Web.


Where would Michelangelo be without his brush, Hemingway without his typewriter, or Beethoven without his piano?

Our mission is to equip digital-native content creators with the most revolutionary tools for rich text editing, and to provide developers with advanced capabilities to build powerfully tailored editing experiences for their users.

Aloha Editor is an open source library to make this mission real on the open web.